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Artificial Intelligence: The State of Things in 2022

Recent Advances in AI

Artificial intelligence has been making waves in the business world for several years now. It’s no longer just a passing trend—AI is here to stay, and it’s growing more prevalent every day. In fact, a recent report from CB Insights revealed that VC funding in AI companies increased by 72% between 2016 and 2017. AIs ability to analyze data and make predictions based on a set of given parameters is proving invaluable to businesses large and small. As this technology continues to advance, its implementation will become even more widespread than it is today. Read on to learn about the state of artificial intelligence in 2022 and how you can leverage it for your own organization.

Better data collection with AI

Artificial intelligence can streamline data collection for businesses. You can use AI to find data about your customers that’s hidden in plain sight — from social media to company surveys, AI will help you collect insights from all different types of data that would otherwise go untapped. Combining this data with machine learning will help you develop more accurate predictions about your customers’ needs and wants. That’s important, because the more data you have, the better your insights will be.

AI-powered remote work

As AI becomes more prominent in businesses, it will likely lead to an increase in remote work. Employees who work remotely are basically AI-powered robots: They don’t need to be in the office every day to be productive and accomplish their work. By leveraging AI, remote workers can accomplish a full work day in a fraction of the time it takes someone who is in the office. AI systems can do things like manage calendars, respond to emails, and complete other administrative tasks, leaving remote workers free to do the work they are actually paid to do.

More virtual (and maybe even physical) meetings

As AI becomes more integrated into businesses, it’s likely that virtual meetings will become even more common. Virtual meetings are already improving collaboration within organizations, as workers can save time by bypassing the commute and conference room booking process. Now, imagine if AI allowed you to completely manage those meetings remotely. You could send a calendar invite to the whole team — no matter where they are — and have them contribute to the discussion without even being online or in the same location.

A continued focus on customer experience and user experience design

If you want to be a thriving company in 2022, you’ll need to be focused on creating a seamless customer experience. But what is that, exactly? Investopdia defines a seamless customer experience as “the way customers interact with a business and its offerings to create positive outcomes.” With AI, you can use a personalized approach and collect information about your customers to make the entire experience easier, from the moment they discover your product until they are satisfied with their purchase. The key is to create a seamless user experience across every channel, whether it’s digital or in person. By creating a positive user experience, you’ll reduce the number of lost customers and increase the number of repeat buyers.

A continued focus on employee experience, too

For many companies, AI will be a catalyst for shifting from command-and-control management practices to a more autonomous work environment. In other words, employees can expect to have more control over their day-to-day work. By implementing AI systems like virtual assistants, you can free up your employees’ time to focus on higher-level tasks that require critical thinking and problem-solving.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion tend to be more successful. AI will open up new opportunities for people who have traditionally faced barriers to employment and promotion, like people of color and women. As AI becomes more popular, these companies will have a significant advantage over their more homogeneous competitors. And they’ll also be more attractive to prospective employees.

Wrapping up

Artificial intelligence is making great strides in the business world, and it’s likely to become even more prevalent in the years ahead. Businesses that want to remain competitive in 2022 will need to take AI seriously. By investing in AI, you can streamline your data collection, improve your customer experience, and empower your employees to do their best work.

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